The Sacrament of Matrimony

Weddings in Slane or Monknewtown Churches

Welcome to Slane Parish website and we will be happy to accommodate you with your wedding ceremony in one of our parish churches. Both churches have been recently renovated and are truly worthy, sacred spaces of prayer and celebration.

Firstly, please note that the church building is the "House of God" and should always be given due respect as God's Loving Presence is manifest here in a very special and poignant way.

We have put together a guide to getting married in the parish, which you can download here- "Guidelines for Parish Weddings 2013"

There is also a Marriage Form which will need to be completed by both partners and returned to the Parochial House. You can download this form here- "Marriage Form"

Finally, the website Getting is a very useful resource for any Catholics getting married in Ireland.